Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here's one that I forgot to put in the last post; the TIE fighter bay on the starboard side. The off-white pieces on either side of it are castings of detail pieces. That way my stock of parts wouldn't be totally exhausted before construction was complete.

Cementing the upper hull in place was one of the most difficult steps. It took over a dozen fittings to make sure the details in the waist were fitting properly together. Plus there are a number of area lights in there that needed to have their wires and bulbs hidden. I knew that once it was together, there'd be no going back. But it was worth the time to be sure everthing was good.

Here the superstructure, bridge and main battery sponsons are under construction. Although it took some time to get the structural dimensions right, the detail work itself was enjoyable. The black object in front of the bridge is one of the fiber optic sources that I used. Although it comes with only one cluster of 50 fibers, I was able to modify it so that it would illuminate between 500 and 600.

View from aft, with some of the engine details visible. Note the ball bearing on the port side of the bridge. That's for later.

View from forward. I tried to have at least 80% of the detailing completed in these areas before continuing on to the upper levels of the superstructure.

Getting ready to add the next level of the superstructure.

Port side view.

Port aft. The main engine mounts and secondary engine power sockets are visible.

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